The fashion industry evolves quickly, with innovations taking over old trends. We have seen so many fashion trends pass by over the years. For instance, jeans, bell bottoms, and many more. However, shorts are always a part of constant fashion.

Significance of Shorts

If you are into fashion clothing or a fitness lover, shorts are an ideal part of clothing that works both ways. So many types of shorts are suitable for your everyday routines, workouts, hangouts, or casual days. Many clothing brands worldwide are dealing in shorts because they understand the value of staying comfortable and how vital this apparel item is for customers.

Shorts manufacturers with excellent industry knowledge design different kinds of shorts for clothing brands and customers, since short bottoms are in high demand.

Classification of Shorts

Classification of shorts means differentiating the shorts according to a few things, which are:

Fabric: The material decides the appropriateness of shorts according to seasons, weathers, and comfort. For example, cotton, denim, linen, polyester, etc.

Length: Length justifies a person’s personal choice and trending style. For example bermuda shorts, mini shorts, mid-length shorts, and long shorts.

Design: Many design variations specify the needs of the people. These shorts include athletic shorts, personalized tailored shorts, high-waisted shorts, and many others.

What are shorts made of?

There are many perfect materials to manufacture shorts. For example, silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex, denim are the popular fabrics for making comfortable and stylish shorts. The choice of fabric depends on your comfort, style preference, body physique, and fashion sense. This way, you can decide which material would be perfect for your shorts to wear for daily activities.

What Are The Popular Shorts for Men and Women?

Here are the most stunning short styles for men and women to carry out their workout routines, look attractive, and stay comfortable.

1. Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are counted among the most popular types of shorts. They are suitable for every occasion, as denim is a fashion enhancer in the apparel industry. Fashion is one of the most prominent characteristics of denim shorts, since they give off a very appealing look.

Mostly, people prefer denim jeans and shorts for their day-to-day outdoor activities. You can wear them with t-shirts, long, casual button shirts, or stylish vests. Some of the most popular Denim shorts are cargo, cut-offs, daisy Dukes, 501 Denim Shorts, etc.

2. Bermuda Shorts

People used to wear these shorts in a British territory named Bermuda as their formal attire. These shorts were quite popular among men and women, as they would wear them with dress shirts and ties. The popularity and trending regulation of these shorts in Bermuda are why we call them “Bermuda shorts.”

Bermuda shorts are almost knee-length shorts. But their length ends just 1 inch before the knee. They are known as walking shorts with the cults at the hem. We can also call it the folds. The use is semi-casual. However, Bermuda shorts are commonly preferred for sports like golf and tennis or water-based activities like sailing.

They offer complete body control regarding movement, stretching, and performance. Moreover, many materials are used to manufacture Bermuda shorts that add various properties to the product. Such as cotton, which makes the shorts breathable and lightweight. Denim turns the shorts into sturdy-looking bottoms. Polyester is famous for making Bermuda shorts wrinkle-free and moisture-wicking. Linen is a breathable and lightweight material with a natural texture that gives the shorts a slightly elevated appearance.

3. Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are also known as combat shorts. These shorts have multiple cargo pockets, are loose-fitting, and offer good comfort. You can consider them baggy shorts. Cargo bottoms are the most popular due to their casual look and feel. People wear these shorts for intense outdoor experiences like hunting, hiking, trekking, etc.

Also, cargo shorts are usually made of cotton fabric. Still, to make the shorts unique and stylish in a particular way, the manufacturers use certain materials like ripstop, nylon, linen, or polyester.

4. Board Shorts

Board shorts have the specific purpose of staying on the waist without disturbing body movement while doing any board sports activity, including surfing, wakeboarding, or paddling. These shorts move with the body but don’t fall. They are classy and highly stylish. Board shorts have quick-drying properties that make them perfect for water sports.

Usually, soft polyester or nylon fabrics are what manufacturing companies use to manufacture board shorts. These fabrics make the product smoother, more comfortable, lightweight, durable, and highly appealing.

5. Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are casualwear that comes with a zip-front closure. They are also known as walking knee-length shorts. The fabric of chino shorts is cotton twill, which makes them breathable and comfortable. When made with technical blends of fabrics, Chino offers reasonable stretch quality for body ease.

They usually come in side pockets and back pockets. However, the most appealing type of chino short is the military uniform. Other than that, the standard variants can also be paired up with a vile of other outlets.

6. Running Shorts

Running shorts come in different sizes, colors, and styles. The shorts are primarily for women and offer complete breathability and comfort. For men, they can be longer or more than that. The bottom line is that the running shorts are made to provide free leg movement. Running shorts require stretching for flexibility. To avail of that particular trait, the polyester-made running shorts fulfill the best purpose.

Since polyester is synthetic and known for its flexibility factor, it allows the body to move freely. Hence, you will get more durability strengthened with ultimate stretch. Moreover, anyone can wear these shorts due to their excellent comfort and performance.

For instance, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, trail runners, marathoners, gym goers, or even people who just need to stay at ease.

7. Cycling Shorts

As the name suggests, cycling shorts are ideal for a good cycling experience. These shorts offer great comfort due to customization and the addition of pads and insulation on the backside. This feature prevents fatigue and restlessness while cycling.

Moreover, cycling shorts usually have more performance-boosting abilities due to the nylon spandex fabric that adds stretch, durability, breathability, and ventilation. A mixture of lycra and nylon is also a great combination to prevent the body from being rubbed against the seat.

8. Lounge Shorts

Lounge shorts are the perfect shorts for women regarding comfort and feel. You can wear lounge shorts at home, for casual use, and even for informal outdoor meetups. The exciting thing about lounge shorts is that you can choose any material to manufacture them.

You can choose between silk and cotton, as per your preference. Or, you can select the fabrics that provide warmth in cold weather conditions. Lounge shorts are always loose and comfy-fitting. The soft material enhances the safety level, protecting the skin from itching and rashes.

9. High-waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are the perfect summer shorts for girls because they offer great style and comfort. You can choose any fabric for the high-waisted shorts. They look ideal in denim, silk, cotton, polyester, and other fabric materials with classy looks.

The best thing about high-waisted shorts is that they flatter the body shape, especially the legs. They make your legs look elongated and appealing. The girls who like exposing their legs are mostly fond of these high-waisted shorts.

10. Cut-off Shorts

Cut-off shorts are the shorter version of denim jeans. In other words, stylish ripped jeans or any jeans shortened enough are considered cut-off shorts. They have a trendy look and feel with a frayed hemline. You can modify it to as per your liking.

Cut-off shorts are among today’s most popular apparel items and are believed to be a trending short style. Moreover, they are suitable for casual hangouts, meetups, and events.

11. Booty Shorts

Booty shorts make the backside and thighs look more prominent. They are extremely short; they are just like underwear, covering just the lower waist of the body and no more than that. These are shorter than the short skirts but are very stylish.

They hug your body tightly to portray a flattering body image. When it comes to the fabric, spandex is usually preferable to provide extra flexibility and balance the tightness of the shorts. However, fabrics like denim, cotton, and other blends offer various properties.

12. Swim Shorts

Swim shorts, also called beach shorts, are famous for outings at beaches and pools. They are known for having quick-drying properties, which make them ideal for water activities. These shorts come in various styles and designs.

You can have long shorts, trunk shorts, or any other beach short type in different colors, fabrics, and patterns. Swim shorts are manufactured to stay just above the knee.

13. Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are made for girls but are a bit longer than booty shorts and provide elegance with style. These are also called high-rise shorts. You might wanna know about the difference between boy shorts and girl shorts. Well, the difference is in design.

Boy shorts have more coverage and a boxy outlook. On the other hand, the girl shorts have a lower cut front, less backside coverage, and a more exposed nature.

14. Boyfriend Shorts

Boyfriend shorts are similar to boyfriend jeans but shorter. These shorts have a loose fit, more like a baggy, and usually come in a ripped design. The purpose of boyfriend shorts is to provide style and comfort. However, how you want to style your boyfriend’s shorts is up to you.

I mean, the fabric choices are based on your fashion, ease, or performance requirements. Any material, such as cotton or cotton blends, can suit this type of short. Their shape can also vary depending on your style of dressing. This accounts for whether you like longer or shorter pairs of shorts.

15. Baggy Shorts

Any pair of shorts can become baggy if they are loose-fitting. Baggy shorts are not specifically any particular pair of shorts. The variations of loose shorts become baggy. So, you can have any material you need for your baggy shorts and enjoy their breathability.

The good thing about baggy shorts is that you can fancy these shorts in various materials. However, if you want a fantastic feel and outlook, knitted fabrics, rubber/Latex, neoprene rubber, or other synthetic and natural materials can play a vital role in fulfilling your requirements.

16. Boxer Shorts

The name of boxer shorts is defined due to their similarity with the shorts worn by boxers. They have an elastic waist and the feature of hugging the body closely. This is why these shorts are also known as huggers, or grippers. The standard and most valuable materials to make boxer shorts are polyester and polyamide, also known as nylon.

These fabrics enhance the breathability and moisture-absorbing factors in the shorts. Boxer shorts are usually stretchy and durable due to these fabrics.

17. Capri Shorts

The long shorts are called capri shorts. You can also call capri shorts the three-quarter legs, cropped pants, and capris. They are designed for both men and women. They are longer than the shorts, as their length goes beyond the knees and stays above the ankle.

They certainly don’t have a trouser’s length or more. Depending upon the purpose of the Capri shorts, denim, cotton, linen, or blended materials make the shorts fit the body yet very relaxing.

18. Compression Shorts

If you are looking for shorts that are ideal for exercising and have health benefits, compression shorts are perfect for those who want to prevent fatigue during workouts. You can wear them beneath your regular shorts, trousers, or pants, and also without them.

To increase durability, they are made of stretchy material blends like spandex, nylon, polyester, and lycra. Even though these fabrics are known for strength, the shorts are amazingly comfortable to wear.

19. Gym Shorts

Gym shorts are again one of the baggy shorts due to being loose. They are good for absorbing moisture and offer breathability, relaxation, and a good feel. As the name suggests, gym shorts are ideal for gym routines as well as casual wear. Synthetic fabric polypropylene is normally the first preference for making gym shorts to make them durable and water resistant.

Another preferred fabric is nylon, which makes the gym shorts stretchable. This also enhances durability along with comfort. There are other fabrics good for making gym shorts, but the two I have mentioned make the gym shorts ideal for the gym experience.

20. Hiking Shorts

Hiking shorts are designed to keep you comfortable climbing a hill or mountain. They are perfect for trekking experiences. These shorts are knee-length and have lots of pockets. The benefits of hiking shorts come from the fabrics they are made of.

For example, nylon or polyester are very durable, moisture-wicking, and breathable to support free body movement during hikes.

21. Jamaican Shorts

Jamaican shorts go to the mid-thigh. Depending on the person’s choice, these shorts can be made of various fabric materials. You can choose denim, cotton, or any other material that suits your body’s needs.

However, the polyester-cotton mixture makes these shorts more suitable for any occasion. Also, the purpose of these shorts depends on the preferences of people who like them.

22. Pedal Pusher Shorts

We can also call pedal pusher shorts the “calf-length trousers,” which go about 2 inches below the knee. They are tight to the skin. As per their design and making, we can also call them “clam diggers.” These shorts were initially popular during the 1950s and the early 1960s.

They are similar to Capri shorts but not the same because pedal pushers are calf-length shorts. These shorts come in different designs and styles, including jeans, pajamas, pants, etc.

23. Skorts

The skirts attached to shorts are called skorts. The good feature of skorts is that they are perfect for workouts and hangouts. This means you can pick the style and use it however you want. The skorts have a flexible nature due to the stretchy fabric.

The anti-chafe short liner allows frictionless movement. The design also features drop-in pockets so you can have good room for placing handy objects.

24. Swimming Trunk Shorts

Swimming trunk shorts are mainly designed for swimming, as their inner has a tight underwear lining, but the outer is loose. They are usually made of cotton, polyester, or nylon, which can dry quickly. Due to these materials, the shorts are lighter in weight.

25. Wrap Shorts

As the name suggests, these shorts come in a wraparound style. That is why these shorts are also known as wraparound shorts. They are good for swimming and other outdoor activities.

These shorts feature a front leg split at the hem and have a durable elasticated waistband. The waistband makes it easier to pull the shorts on and off.

26. Paper Bag Shorts

Paper bag shorts are in fashion today due to their style among women. These shorts are cinched at the waist and have good leg space. They usually come with detachable belts and have a fantastic feel due to being lightweight.

However, you can choose different fabrics for paper bag shorts. These are in high demand due to being perfect for formal and casual meetups.

How to Wear Shorts: Do’s and Don’ts

How to wear shorts: Do's and Don'ts

Like any other clothing item, some rules also apply to shorts. These rules guide the wearer on how to wear shorts appropriately. Let’s have a look at some do’s and don’ts:


  • Choose the shorts with an absolutely perfect fit and size. The ideal fitting would give a great impression and magnify your fashion sense.
  • The shorts should be tailored to your body type because you don’t want to feel awkward while wearing the wrong pair of shorts.
  • Your tops, shirts, or any upperwear must go perfectly with your shorts. For example a printed shirt might not look good with pleated shorts.
  • Choose comfortable shorts. This means the fabric should be made according to your comfort needs.
  • Trust your instincts while choosing the shorts. Make sure they are still counted among the trendy shorts.


  • Shorts belong to the casualwear category, so don’t over accessorize them. Keep them simple.
  • Men shouldn’t buy denim shorts. They are not suitable, appealing, or comfortable.
  • Do not buy shorts with more than a kneecap length. They will make you uncomfortable while sitting down.
  • Do not go for the shorts that are no longer part of fashion trends. For example, baggy cargo shorts don’t look good now due to being an old trend.


If you are a fashion enthusiast or a brand owner wanting to know about shorts, this blog has all the popular types for you. Each type offers some properties in terms of fashion and fitness. Most brands get customized shorts to impress their customers with stylish shorts.

You can also do that by finding a clothing manufacturer that specializes in sports clothing and other apparel products. This way, you can get personalized fitness and fashion shorts. Other than that, if you are here just to gain knowledge of various kinds of shorts, a list with details can benefit you.