Tank top types have become a fashion symbol as well as sports outfit essentials as so many trendy styles have been introduced in the apparel industry. Today, several clothing brands are making tons of money by selling tank tops of various designs and styles.

North America generated the most revenue through the tank tops and sleeveless clothing business. It gained around 40% of the global revenue. The analytics reveal the significance and popularity of different-style tank tops in mostly American regions.

In this blog, we have mentioned the most trendy tank top styles, the reasons behind their popularity, and what clothing products are perfect to go with these tank tops.

History of Tank Tops

The origin of tank tops goes back to the Greek athletes who competed in the Olympics. Their attire was sleeveless shirts called krobylos, which were made of linen fabric. Tank tops later gained recognition in the late 1800s and early 1900s as part of undergarment products.

Tank tops gained popularity in modern Western fashion for the first time during the early 20th century. Men and women wore them as bathing suits, which were a combination of torso and sleeveless, low-cut tops. At that time, the name tank suits caught attention. People used to call these swimming suits “tanks.”

Then comes the modern culture of the 80s and 90s, in which bodybuilders popularized tank tops and workouts. In the 2000s, slim versions of tank tops began to become famous. These tank tops were much slimmer and more body-fitting. At the same time, the trend of graphic printing on tanks turned into fashion.

Today, tank tops can be made of various fabrics and come in multiple designs. You can see the tops in any style and fabric you want.

What Is a Tank Top, and Why Is It So Popular?

Before we land on the importance of tank tops, we need to understand what they are and how they are so popular. The definition holds good value in this discussion. So, tank tops are usually sleeveless, and collarless shirts are tailored especially for summer or warmer seasons

The report about market sales of tank tops and sleeveless shirts in North America talk about the interest of people in various styles of tank tops used for sports, workouts, and casual clothing.

Since fashion brands, sports apparel clothing lines, and sportswear manufacturers have been regularly producing and selling new varieties of tank tops, the interest of activewear enthusiasts has also shifted to such clothing products.

If you are one of the brands looking to start a tank top clothing business, you need to consult a tank top manufacturer who can create a diverse range of tops for you. The popularity of this business can help you grow in the industry.

The tank top styles mentioned below are popular items that men and women prefer for their workout routines and casual hangouts. They are appealing in appearance, are highly comfortable to wear in the summer and reflect an individual’s fashion.

20 Popular Different Types of Tank Tops

1. Basic Tank Top

Basic tank tops are just the standard versions of casual vests. They are usually simple and sleek. However, these tops are altered according to people’s requirements.

This means that simple tank tops can be turned into spaghetti tank tops or other types by applying certain customizations. People mostly wear these basic tank tops for casual occasions.

How to Style Basic Tank Tops with Other Clothes?

Basic tank tops can be worn with various clothing products: jeans, boots, shorts, joggers, jackets, zippers, etc. This tank top style is so casual that you don’t need anything to wear on top of it in summer. It can be considered one of the most comfortable clothing types.

2. Halter Tank Top

The most exciting thing about halter tank tops is their name. They are named after the halter that is placed around the horse’s neck. The upper part of the tank top, which is considered a bodice, goes around the neck and is attached to the lower part of the top. It has two straps connected to the bodice.

How do you style halter tank tops with other clothes?

A halter tank top embodies sheer fashion; it can be worn with nearly every clothing product. However, women prefer wearing this top with denim jeans because of the sleek and fashionable look. Try the halter top with any classy jacket, like denim jeans or leather, to look incredibly stylish in winter.

You can also experiment with it with a bunch of other apparel products, like fleece zippers, trousers, and many other streetwear fashion clothes.

3. Double-layer Tank Top

Imagine yourself wearing two tank tops at once. Because this style has two different layers that make a single tank top. Both layers are switched together. The exciting thing about this style is that you can have two different colors for each layer.

How do I style a double-layer tank top with other clothes?

If you have the perfect materials and shape to create a double-layer tank top, you can wear it with almost any clothing outfit. For example, denim cut-offs are really admirable when contrasted with the double-layer tank top. You can wear stylish shoes, such as moccasins or jogging shoes, with such dressing.

4. Backless Tank Top

The name of this tank top is sufficient to describe the look of a backless tank top. This style is ideal for women who want a tank top that can be worn for both workouts and casual occasions.

However, the backless top has multiple types, including sporty backless tank tops and classy tank tops, which are used for formal occasions. But mainly, these tops are crafted without backs.

Some backless tank tops have a fabric strip at the back for added design. People also consider it one of the intimate apparel kinds since it has a sensual and erotic essence.

How do I style a backless tank top with other clothes?

As I mentioned, this type of top is also good for formal wear; you can wear it with dresses. Casual backless tank tops are also ideal for yoga and daily routine workouts.

5 Athletic Tank Top

Athletics tank top

Athletic tank tops are usually designed for athletes to play field games and fitness lovers to pursue their exercise routines. These tops are made according to the body type to ensure fitness. This is why these tank tops offer the best fitting and, hence, a quality gaming experience. Also, the fabric enhances its moisture-wicking abilities to prevent over-sweating.

The athletic tank top style fits slightly close to the body. Such tank tops will work best for you if you participate in sports. For women, the fixed bandeau provides full support during the workout and keeps them comfortable the entire time. Moreover, these tank tops have a very useful characteristic: stretchability. The flexibility factor allows the individuals to look fit and stay active during the games.

As a brand, you can have altered and fully customized athletic tank tops with various properties, according to your brand’s essential needs. Only skilled sports clothing manufacturers can perfectly craft athletic tank tops for brands that cater to sportsmen’s and gymgoers’ needs.

However, if you are a fitness enthusiast looking for such custom products, you can get them from certified brands.

6. Thick-strap Tank Top

These tank tops have broader shoulder bands, which is why they are named Thick straps. They are suitable for women to feel comfortable and have better support. Regarding style, the shoulder bands reveal less skin as they are larger than usual.

Also, the thick strap tank tops are very practical in providing front coverage. These tank tops usually have a wider V-neckline but can also feature a scoop or sweetheart neckline.

How do you style a thick-strap tank top with other clothes?

Thick strap tank tops go nearly with everything due to their conventional style, soft fabric, and look. However, women prefer these sleeveless shirts to stay comfortable. Therefore, trousers, leggings, or loose-fitting pants can be ideal for wearing thick-strap shirts.

7. Racerback Tank Top

Racerback tank top

Racerback tank tops have back straps in “Y” or “T” shapes that combine. This shape is the beauty of the racerback tank tops, as women find this style appealing. A racerback sleeveless shirt allows good shoulder movement since the shoulders and back are the uncovered parts of the body when wearing this tank top.

Also, they are made of very soft, breathable, durable, and lightweight materials, which are popular for designing sports apparel—for instance, polyester, spandex, cotton, etc.

So, the free movement and quality materials make it a perfect choice for exercise and sports. This type of tank top comes in various styles and designs for both men and women.

How do you style a racerback tank top with other clothes?

Racerback tank tops can be styled with a variety of clothes. Men can wear them with denim jeans and joggers, and women can contrast them with skirts, skorts, leggings, jeans, etc.

8. Sheer Tank Top

Sheer tank tops, also called mesh tank tops, are particularly designed for people to work out or showcase their perfect physique. They are made of semi-transparent or translucent fabric, which allows the sleeveless shirt to stay breathable and highly comfortable during workout routines.

These tank tops are made of sheer fabric. Usually, the top has holes in it, which adds to its breathability.

How do you style sheer tank tops with other clothes?

Sheer or mesh tank tops are not suitable for formal dressing. Instead, they are appropriate for casual hangouts and gym routines. If you want to show off your body and fitness, this tank top type can be worn with any place and clothing.

9. Muscle Tank Top

Muscle tank top

Muscle tank tops combine fashion and comfort since they are excellent in style and feel. They are mostly associated with weightlifting and bodybuilding; they are made with breathable fabrics like cotton or moisture-wicking polyester blends.

The materials are why these tops offer unparalleled comfort during your fiercest workouts. Women with fitness routines can wear these tank tops and enjoy their comfort. The appearance of these tops is similar to that of t-shirts but without sleeves.

How do I style muscle tank tops with other clothes?

The shape and style of the muscle sleeveless top are admirable, and they can be worn with any kind of apparel product. For instance, wearing a jacket would look good. A fancy yet elegant pair of jeans with muscle tank tops can look stunning. Other than that, any sports outfit can enhance a person’s personality.

10. Spaghetti Strap Tank Top

Spaghetti strap tank top

The design of spaghetti-strap tank tops varies according to people’s choices. These tops usually have straps imitating spaghetti noodles, but they can be designed differently according to fashion trends.

Moreover, fabrics like cotton, stretchy jerseys, or linen are used to manufacture spaghetti tops.

How do I style spaghetti strap tank tops?

The spaghetti tank tops are usually designed to be worn underneath or with contrasting uppers, jackets, zippers, sweaters, and shirts. They can go with nearly every bottom, like pants, joggers, trousers, leggings, skirts, etc.

11. Crop Tank Top

Crop tank tops are shorter in size, as they end before the belly button, making them an ideal choice for summer fashion. They are also good for daily casual hangouts, exercising, and sports activities.

Crop tops come in various styles and designs, such as basic cotton tops, elaborate lace tops, sequined tops, and many more.

How do you style crop tank tops with other clothes?

If you want to look fashionable when going out with friends or family, crop tank tops with pants and an eye-catching jacket look good.

Also, if you want to stay comfortable during your workout sessions or gym exercises, this tank top type can be helpful.

12. Cut-out Tank Top

The cut-out tank tops feature loose cut-outs, which look very fashionable but are particularly designed for gyms and fitness centers. You are advised to wear something underneath to stay appropriate.

However, it depends on the customers where they want to add the cut-outs, as you can apply that modification anywhere. Mostly, people prefer it on the sides of the top.

How do I style the cut-out tank tops with other clothes?

You can wear the cut-out tank tops with cropped leggings or stretched pants. Moreover, a pair of stylish sports shoes would look good with this sleeveless top.

13. Custom-made Tank Tops

Custom-made tank tops

Custom tank tops are entirely based on your choice. You can customize any tank top according to your preferences. This means you can apply any printing method, engrave logos, add specific patterns and designs, etc. However, you would require a custom clothing manufacturer to get fully customized tank tops.

How do you style custom-made tank tops with other clothes?

Since the tank tops are customized, you can contrast them with any clothing you want. You can even style the custom tank tops based on your clothing items. You can customize the whole dress, including sleeveless tops, pants, jeans, or whatever you need.

14. Tight Tank Top

Tight tank top

Tight tank tops are tighter than usual sleeveless tops. They are crafted according to a person’s physique, commonly for athletes and fitness lovers.

Women’s tight tank tops have a duplicity of styles, including short-tight tank tops that end at the belly button, standard tight tank tops, and many more.

How do you style tight tank tops with other clothes?

Tight tank tops are no different from other tops designed specifically for workouts. So, if you are a gym goer, these tops can go with everything you wear to the gym. They are also suitable for informal events.

15. Printed Tank Top

The designs are printed on the fabric of printed tank tops. They can also be considered custom tank tops since manufacturers engrave the prints on the tank tops according to the customers’ requirements.

Various printed tank tops include floral printing, abstract patterns, graphic prints, and so on.

How do you style printed tank tops with other clothes?

Printed tank tops are all about style, so they can be worn for casual hangouts, hiking, beach trips, and other outdoor activities. If you wear a blazer or long coat over them, you will look really good.

16. Flowing Tank Top

Flowing tank top

Flowing tank tops have a smooth texture and a comfortable feel since they are made with soft fabrics like silk or cotton. The shape of the flowing tank top is very fashionable. It can also be sporty if customized for athletic activities. It is a bit longer and has bottom hem lengths, and the armpit part is longer.

This means that the armpit part is not covered. The exciting thing about these tops is that they can fit you regardless of your body size.

How do you style flowing tank tops with other clothes?

A pair of quality, good-looking jeans looks terrific with flowing tank tops. You can wear them as joggers and trousers while working out or hiking. Moreover, these sleeveless flowing shirts seem fantastic when contrasted with jackets and shorts, per the new fashion trends.

17. Turtleneck Tank Top

Turtleneck tank tops are known for hugging the person’s neck. It is designed in a way that feels like a high-neck but works as a tank top. It sophisticatedly hugs the body and gives it an eye-catching appearance.

How do you style turtleneck tank tops with other clothes?

If you like to hang out with your friends and want to look casual, turtleneck tops are the ideal fashion choice. They are manufactured to keep the body cool in the summer, so any lightweight clothing product can look good with this type of tank top.

18. Camisole Tank Top

If you like thin shoulder straps, you should get camisole tank tops for your daily life. These tops are loose-fitting or have a flowing fit. They are lightweight and breathable, as the materials used to manufacture camisole tops offer breathability and lightweightness.

How do I style camisole tank tops with other clothes?

You can wear the camisole tank tops as a layering piece, undergarments, or under blouses. However, cardigans, zippers, or jackets on top of these also look very appealing. In short, these tops are designed to offer comfort.

19. Lace Tank Top

Lace tank tops are very fashionable and elegant due to their intricate detailing. You can customize lace tank tops that are see-through or have beautiful laces anywhere you want.

How to style lace tank tops with other clothes

Lace tank tops are delicate apparel for women; they can be used as a layering piece under any coat or blazer for an elegant appearance.

20. Slouchy Tank Top

Slouchy tank tops have a flowy outlook and a loose fit. They are mostly constructed to offer casualness and comfort. These tops have low necklines and wide armholes. Slouchy tops are ideal if you want to stay relaxed at home or with friends during casual meetups.

How do you style slouchy tank tops with other clothes?

Slouchy tank tops are good for casual occasions and can be worn with any bottom, such as trousers, shorts, or underwear.

What are the Different Materials Used for Tank Tops?

Different types of fabric are used in various types of clothing because every fabric works differently for each type of apparel product. This is the reason I have listed some of the most essential materials for tank tops. Here is a short list:

For Men

  • Cotton Jersey
  • Polyester Jersey
  • Cotton Spandex
  • Polyester Spandex
  • Blend of Cotton and Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Dri Fit

For Women

  • Denim
  • Cotton
  • Cotton Spandex
  • Cotton polyester
  • Polyester Spandex
  • Blend of Cotton and Polyester
  • Velvet
  • Dri Fit

These types of materials are standard, which means you can get tank tops in any of them. However, you can choose the fabric blending to create unique tank tops. So, you can ask your manufacturer to make tank tops using other fabrics of your choice.


Tank tops may seem very normal, but they have an appealing appearance—especially the ones I have mentioned in this blog. These 20 types can explain how you can look during sports activities, gymming, fitness exercises, casual hangouts, etc.

These tank tops are good for making an individual stylish. You will get an idea of dressing contrasts and matching by reading it, as this blog guides you on tank top clothing.