When it comes to winter, sweaters are a treat since they represent comfort, warmth, and style. These properties make the sweaters unique in colder weather. But do you know there are so many sweater names and types with unique characteristics in fabric, design, patterns, and styles?

There is nothing to worry about if you don’t know the various kinds of sweaters. Most people have no idea about the sweater styles or their names. They might have worn them but are often unaware of their identity and functionality.

Today, I will explain what a sweater is, the iconic types, the types of sweater material, and much more. One thing is for sure: after reading this text completely, you will have a broader knowledge of sweaters. I have picked this topic to help clothing brands and fashion enthusiasts gain the most knowledge about this apparel product.

What is a Sweater?

Sweater explained

Have you ever heard of “Jersey”? Well, it is another name for sweaters. Sweaters are knitted clothes worn over the upper body parts to keep them warm in cooler weather. Although modern sweater designs are not always knitted, they are made with fabric blends to keep the body at ease with warmth.

While discussing shapes, styles, and materials, various fabrics, like cotton blends, wool, silk, and many more, are used to make sweaters. Due to the fabric, a sweater gets its identity too. Like wool, you can easily recognize a sweater. Other than that, different shapes and colors come from customization. That is how specific types of jerseys or sweaters come into existence.

You might think that sweaters are only like shirts but with warm fabric. However, this is not true; zippers, jumpers, pullover jerseys, etc., are all sweater types. But you might consider working with a sweatshirt manufacturer if you require all the types, variations in sleeves, customization, and everything else you need to create an ideal sweater.

The Origin and Fashion Backstory of Sweaters

Sweaters have been a vital fashion clothing product for over a century. However, this product became vital to the fashion clothing industry during the 15th century. Ever since, we have witnessed new styles, designs, and patterns.

And now, in the modern era, there are countless variations of sweaters on the market because every day, manufacturers and brands collaborate to launch a new type.

14 Popular Types of Sweaters

1. Boyfriend Sweater

Boyfriend sweater

The boyfriend sweater has a very unique style and purpose. It is designed as a men’s sweater but made for women, so it is named a boyfriend sweater. It is an oversized sweater with a v-neck and usually has buttons.

Lastly, the ribbed bottom goes beyond the waistline. This sweater is always loose and spacious, offering great comfort.

2. Bell Sleeve Sweater

Bell sleeve sweater

The trend of bell-sleeve sweaters isn’t new, as it dates back to the ancient fashion era. This style first appeared in Japan in the late 700s and used to have classy flared sleeves. Later, this sweater type’s popularity spread to Europe during medieval times.

In the 1970s, the bell-sleeve sweater became popular among men and women. Bell-bottom pants were contrasted with this sweater, as both apparel products have similar shapes.

Bell-sleeve sweaters can have varying sleeve lengths, ranging from shorter to longer sleeves. Long bell sleeves are highly fashionable, but even shorter ones can perfectly express your fashion sense. These sweaters come in various materials and knits; lightweight fabrics are more appropriate for transitional seasons.

On the other hand, chunkier knits are preferable for colder weather. As for variations in the patterns and styles, neckline styles can make a huge difference. You can have a crew neck, a v-neck, a boat neck, or a turtleneck.

3. Cape Sweater

Cape sweater type

Cape sweaters resemble classic capes. However, they occasionally present themselves as vintage outerwear. They are prevalent for being suitable for indoor as well as outdoor activities. They don’t stand alone; hence, these sweaters are made to be worn as a layer, distinguishing them from several other sweater types.

Different types of fabrics are preferable for many clothing products. Since we are talking about sweaters, especially capes, wool is the most iconic fabric to use if you want desirable warmth.

4. Cardigans Sweater

Cardigans sweater

Do you prefer a less bulky sweater or one with more layers? Even if you want both, cardigan sweaters are a fantastic choice. They are precisely perfect for mildly cold weather.

They come in diverse lengths, styles, patterns, and designs. If you are choosing cardigans, you can opt for traditional Canadian tuxedos, which feature knitted layers on each side. Moreover, an open-knit style is very stylish for freezing weather, so those can also be wise choices for you.

Cardigans look phenomenal beneath coats and blazers. They give a cozy yet stylish outlook when paired with bottoms like jeans or skirts.

5. Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters are renowned for their natural softness and texture. Cashmere wool comes from the hair of specific goat breeds, which makes it a delicate and natural fabric. The yarn is usually brushed delicately before being hand-knitted.

This process enhances the overall comfort level and produces a very soft feel. While their necklines and fits vary, they generally offer a more tailored appearance. The elevated quality of cashmere contributes to the relatively higher cost of these sweaters than alternatives.

Compared to other sweater types made with cotton fabric, synthetic fibers, or regular wool, cashmere sweaters are precisely knitted to form thin and lightweight garments to add a soft touch.

6. Chunky Sweater

Chunky sweaters are an excellent choice and highly popular. This specific knitwear design stands out due to its thickness and heft compared to other sweaters like cardigans or pullovers. This type is very suitable for cold weather.

The chunky yarn and large needles do a fine job of crafting these sweaters to acquire their robust nature. If you prefer knitters, they can opt for a simple garter stitch or have stitch patterns with incredible texture to style the chunky sweaters.

7. Crew-Neck Sweater

Crew-neck sweater

Crewneck sweaters feature a neckline base with a circular ribbed collar. They stand out as timeless designs that can quickly go with any outfit. Their versatility makes them perfect for casual activities, as they offer a relaxed and effortless style. Comfort is the main element in this type of sweater.

Wool or cotton fabrics are the most preferable for crafting crewnecks. They feature a rounded neckline, which makes them compatible with bottoms like jeans, pencil skirts, and other dresses. Interestingly, they are very suitable for all seasons and occasions due to their flexibility, warmth, and comfort.

8. Aran Sweater

Aran sweaters are good winter wear that originated in Ireland. They are even named after the Aran Islands, located just off the coast of County Galway. This style is popular for its remarkable warmth and coziness, which is due to the chilly environment of the Irish Islands.

The specialty of this sweater lies in its waterproof properties, which compensate for the unscoured wool’s inherently water-resistant nature. This trait of Aran sweaters has enhanced their status as the ultimate fisherman sweater. Cable knit and shawl collar sweaters are the two most common and popular variations of aran sweaters.

9. Cutout Sweater

Cutout sweaters depict an alluring and contemporary charm. If you have worn or seen the cutout sweater, you would know that the modernity of this style lies in the deliberate absence within the pattern, making it highly aesthetic.

It reveals your skin in specific areas. You can opt for different variations, such as cutout shoulders, cutaway sleeves, and crafted openings on the back or chest area.

Also, these cutout sweaters subtly expose more skin to add an alluring feel or a touch of sensuality. Moreover, 100% cotton adds breathability, but you can use other materials according to your preferences.

10. Cowl-Neck Sweater

Cowl-neck sweater

This type of sweater features a draped neckline, which is famous for hanging gracefully. Despite the apparent distinction between the two, people confuse it with turtleneck sweaters. Cowl-neck sweaters have a more extensive and flowing look just beneath the neck, excluding an intensified style element. Their sizes can vary from small to large.

Cowl necks come in various fabric options, making them versatile in terms of style and comfort. The materials common for making this type of scarf are wool, cashmere, cotton, or blends of these materials.

Due to several blends and duplicity in the fabric choices, they offer a diverse range of textures and warmth levels. Also, the fabric can influence the drape as well as the overall appeal of the cowl-neck sweater.

Lastly, they also offer practical advantages. For instance, the draped neckline offers the desired warmth around the neck and chest.

11. Fanny Sweater

Fanny sweater

An interesting fact about the fanny sweater is that it can become a fanny type if it incorporates the elongated length, extends below the hips, and adequately covers the back. This is the defining feature of a fanny sweater.

The properties and fabric choices further contribute to the distinctiveness of fanny sweaters. Common fabric choices include soft knits, cashmere, or even wool blends to provide style and comfort to the wearer.

However, fanny sweaters don’t adhere to any particular fashion classification. Instead, they can be crafted in different styles and made to offer a relaxed fit and a high level of comfort.

12. Argyle Knit Sweater

Argyle knit sweater

The argyle knit is known for its pattern of distinctive interlocking diamond shapes. This type is primarily preferable for golf course activities.

Argyle knit is usually made from the finest quality yarn blends. Moreover, the argyle-patterned knit sweater is captivating with its interlocking diamond shapes and increases the comfort and durability factor.

13. Turtleneck Sweater

These sweaters offer fashion and comfort due to the high neck reaching up to the chin. This feature or design delivers exceptional warmth and coziness.

Regarding fabric, turtleneck sweaters offer a touch of sophistication and good warmth in winter due to being made of 100% soft merino wool. However, another promising property of this sweater is that it also ensures a cooling effect during the summer months.

14. Jumpers

For your brief knowledge, it is the most informal sweater with long sleeves. It is typically made from knitted or crocheted fabrics and can be fashioned from cotton or jersey material. Depending on the design and fabric, jumpers can be dressed up or down.

If you require the finest jumpers, choose the handmade ones with personalized patterns and fabric choices. However, there is much more you should know about jumpers, their properties, and their designs.

The Most Common Wonderment of People About Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Most people wonder about the differences between these winter wear products. Let’s give you the distinct differences between them.


A sweater is generally crafted from knit fabrics like wool. It is more formal and often has various patterns.


Sweatshirts are typically made of fleece or jersey materials. They are more casual in appearance, have a sporty appeal, and are often associated with activewear apparel products. Also, they come in various styles, such as a pullover, zip-up style, or other sporty winter wear.

Cardigan vs. Pullover:

A cardigan is an open-front garment with buttons or zips. This style is made to be easy to put on and take off.

On the other hand, a pullover is made to be worn by pulling it over the head. Unlike the cardigan, it doesn’t have any zips or front openings.

Crew Neck vs. V-Neck Sweaters:

Crew-neck sweaters feature a round, slightly tighter, and close-fitted neckline with a circular shape that stays at or near the collarbone.

V-neck sweaters have a V-shape neckline to provide an open and loose look.


Sweatshirts are an absolute necessity in your wardrobe to cater to your comfort and fashion needs. They come in various fabrics, from fleece to cotton and all other distinct types. I have mentioned 14 different types of sweatshirts, along with their differences, so you can better understand how to make the right choice and enhance your everyday style.