A clothing brand refers to a specific company, business entity or label that designs, manufactures and markets clothing items under its brand logo. It represents a unique identity in the fashion industry and is associated with a particular style, image or ethos. It may include clothing products like garments, accessories and footwear. 

The clothing industry, especially the fashion market, has witnessed good growth over the past years and is still evolving in revenue. The US fashion market’s revenue is projected to reach US 163.70 bn in 2023, with an annual growth rate of 9.63%. Also, revenue in the apparel market is predicted to touch US 343.70bn in 2023.

Is The Clothing Line Business Profitable?

The apparel industry’s revenue analytics indicates that the Clothing line business can be highly profitable if you invest your interests and money in the right direction. A clothing business can generate profits between $23,751 and $140,935 on average, depending on the expenses, marketing strategies, products, region, and target market. Being a clothing brand owner, you can earn over $51,000 annually. 

In terms of average revenue per user, anything over $216 will help you stand among the top 20% of garment businesses. 

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Clothing Line?

A clothing brand needs approximately US$500-$50,000, depending on its size. A small line could be started with a small amount of $500, whereas a large line could take US$25,000-50,000 to start up.

Equipment Needed to Start a Clothing Brand

The equipment needed to build a specific apparel brand can vary based on the nature and scale of the brand. It could range from different design equipment like laptops and graphic tablets to sewing and manufacturing equipment like sewing machines, cutting tables and pattern-making tools. Additional requirements include photography, marketing, inventory, storage and e-commerce, and point-of-sale equipment.

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9 Steps to Launch a Clothing Brand 

9 Steps to Launch a Clothing Line

Starting a clothing brand becomes easy with proper guidance regarding what steps to follow. Once you have narrowed down the necessary process order, you can initiate and execute your brand. 

01. A Functional Business Model

A business model is something that guides you about each and everything you have planned for your business. In your business plan, you will add your business type, financial planning, target audiences, revenue plan, and product information. Your business model will make understanding the nature of your clothing line easier for your customers. You must tell the clients whether you are a B2B or B2C brand.

If you only sell to direct customers, then B2C is the right term for your clothing line. If you also sell products to other businesses, then B2B is accurate. Being an ecommerce platform, B2C might be the preferable choice to present before clients.  

02. Clothing Industry Analysis

In order to begin your venture, market or industry analysis is one of the most important things. It would be best if you had an understanding of what fashion trends are common among people. What jeans, hoodies, shirts, or other apparel attract young minds? Your market analysis also includes surveys on vintage clothing and innovations that the industry requires.  

Convey a full-fledged survey on the market trends, analyze your competitors’ tactics regarding product choices, set your pricing techniques based on the market, and then carry out your processes. 

03. Decide Your Locality

The region to sell products in is very important since it is directly linked with your customer base. You need to figure out the right location to start your business. For example, California and New York are the hyped places for fashion apparel consumption in the USA, both regions can be perfect for your brand’s growth.

04. Find a Manufacturer

Finding a custom apparel producer is similar to finding a regular clothing manufacturer. The focus is finding someone who endorses and brings your unique and creative designs to life. Remember to conduct due diligence, thoroughly evaluate potential clothing manufacturers and ensure they possess the expertise and capabilities to fulfill your needs. Mega sports apparel is a reputed custom clothing manufacturer specializing in sportswear and fashion apparel. You can partner with Mega Sports Apparel to get customized clothes. 

05. Source Good-quality Fabric 

Wondering how you source your fabric for a clothing line is a common and tedious task. It involves finding reliable suppliers and fabric mills that offer the right materials you need for your designs. Remember to communicate your requirements and stay organized with fabric materials and supplier details. Request fabric samples, testing and certifications. Consider sustainability and ethical factors: you could ring some loud bells. Evaluating your fabric sourcing strategy is important to ensure it aligns with your brand’s needs and identity.

06. Develop a Website 

Becoming an e-commerce or woo-commerce business is vital to run a clothing business. It is a demand of society since people spend a lot of time on the Internet buying clothes. Get a website and shape it according to your business model. Add your products and details about your company on the site to keep your customers updated about your plans. 

07. Business Registration

Registration of business is vital if you want to avoid legal issues. You need to register your business in the area of your clothing line. The registration will help you secure your assets in case of being sued by the authorities. 

08. Build a Team

Hire determined individuals to manage your website and help you evolve in the industry. Your team of professionals can positively turn the tables for you by taking away your workload. 

09. Brand Building

Building a brand does not mean having a catchy name and a logo. It means that you need to make your brand a BRAND. To do so, take assistance from social media to get your business popularized. You can also use digital marketing by running Pay per click (PPC) to enhance your sales.

Ready To Launch your Own Clothing line?

Why Do Clothing Lines Fail?

Launching a clothing line could be an arduous and draining task. There could be several reasons for the failure of the launched brand. The common reasons could be a lack of a unique selling proposition, poor market research and understanding of the target audience, inadequate financial planning, quality and production issues, weak branding and marketing strategies and operational issues.

How Long Does it Take to Launch a Fashion Brand?

Launching a successful clothing line needs continuous adaptation, planning and a thorough market understanding. It takes 12-18 months to manufacture and market your brand. Additionally, getting proper attention and traction with sales could take 1-2 years.

Through continuous hard work, these brands have demonstrated innovation, brand building and market appeal. 

How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer?

Finding a clothing manufacturer requires research, networking and careful evaluation. You should determine your manufacturing needs and attend trade shows and events before finding a clothing manufacturer. Utilizing industry directories and online platforms connecting with brands and manufacturers could be useful. Preserving your brand’s values, quality standards, and production requirements is a necessity.

This article provides detailed information about how to start a clothing brand. It is not restricted to any specific category. Instead, it is applicable to all the varieties, which are as follows:

How to Trademark Your Clothing Brand?

Trademarking your brand could help protect your identity, logo and other distinct and unique features of your brand. Run a trademark search before building a successful apparel brand to ensure that your brand name or logo is not registered already. It is important to determine the trademark class: clothing brands fall under class 25. Create a strong trademark so that it should be memorable and not generic. Fill and file the trademark application and respond promptly to the office’s actions.

5 Successful Clothing Brands List in the USA

Numerous fashion clothing brands have made a significant impact and mark in the fashion industry. The top 5 are enlisted

· Nike

· Zara

· Gucci

· H&M

· Levi’s


In conclusion, launching your own apparel line requires careful planning, creativity and perseverance. Remember to stay true to your brand’s vision, embracing challenges as opportunities and never compromising on quality and innovation. There is nothing to worry even if you are starting a clothing brand from scratch. With passion, perseverance and exceptional customer service, you can bring your clothing line to life and make a lasting impact in the fashion industry, too. Best of luck on your exciting entrepreneurial journey.


Can I Start a clothing line with 0 Experience?

Yes, starting a clothing brand with no experience in the fashion industry is possible. Many successful entrepreneurs have launched their fashion lines with no prior experience. However, launching your own fashion line with zero experience requires a lot of dedication, willingness and learning to acquire specific knowledge and skills.

Can I Start a clothing brand with zero investment?

Starting a clothing line with no investment could be challenging and nearly impossible, as there are costs involved in launching and operating a business. Strategies like bootstrapping, minimalist approach, crowdfunding, collaboration and partnership could be useful. However, keep in mind that investing in some capital is inevitable.

How many clothing items do I have to make for a complete line?

The number of clothing items required for a successful clothing line could vary depending on your brand’s concept, target market and budget. However, a typical line could include a range of clothing items.

Ready To Launch your Own Clothing line?