The overweight women in the US go through the trouble of having quality dresses, unlike other females with average body weight. However, these women want to feel the same as the rest; thus, they need plus size clothes that make them feel stylish and beautiful. Quality plus size clothes can give them what they want. So, if you are planning to start a plus size boutique, you are helping women of any kind other than just doing business.

You are halfway there if you have decided to set up a plus size boutique. This is because the decision to start a clothing line takes most of an entrepreneur’s time. Once you realize that you need to become a brand in the apparel industry, you are one step closer to the end goal.

The next part is complicated since you need to focus on what you require most to initiate your plan.
It would be best if you had a plan to start the clothing line of your dreams. Fortunately, you don’t need to stress out over the details because this article will guide you towards your path to success. A few steps will be sufficient for you to begin with your idea of starting a plus size boutique.

Is There a Demand for Plus Size Clothing?

Plus-Size Apparel Industry Demand from 2022 to 2023

Of course, the rate of women that require more oversized clothes in the US is almost similar to the average women’s clothing size. And the fact that every individual expects to look presentable among their social companions raises the probability of the demand for plus size clothing. 

If we look at the figures, according to Statista’s research on plus size clothing market, the plus-size apparel industry was valued at approximately $6.74 billion in 2022. The survey also predicted further market growth by $6.79 In 2023. 

So the answer is yes, there is a broader scope and demand for plus size clothing. And you can take your business to another level if your approaches to running the company are reliable.

How Much Do Plus Size Boutique Owners Make?

A Woman Owner Who Looks Her Own Plus Size Clothing Line

Boutique owners earn between $31,500 and $158,500 annually. As per Statista, the plus size boutique owners running e-commerce businesses averagely earn $6,013 monthly. 
If you become the owner of a plus size clothing business, your chances of generating handsome revenue can go higher with some reasonable efforts.

Step by Step Guide to Start a Plus Size Clothing Line

6 Steps to Start Your Own Plus Size Clothing Line

Before starting a clothing line, the first and foremost thing to do is understand the importance of plus size fashion. The world has changed, and it craves positivity reflected through clothing. 

People today demand plus size trendy and fashionable clothes. Your clothing line can give them what they need.

Tap into the technological advancements and utilize modern ways of research. This way, you will know what sort of clothing youngsters or adults are into. But of course, the steps to open a plus size boutique in this text will share the insights you need to continue your plans.

01. Perfect Business Planning

Having a perfect business plan refers to comprehending each and everything there is about the particular clothing niche that you are interested in. So, this is what you have to do. 

Your idea of starting a clothing line representing plus size fashion trends can turn out to be true if you consider the best clothes that are appealing to customers.

Other than outstanding apparel selection, you must decide a few things during your planning process.

Name of Your Brand

It is pointless to have either a physical or an online store without a name. So, giving your brand a catchy title is a must. There are hundreds of boutiques in the world with astonishing names. You need to decide what name can attract a significant number of customers. 

Here is a hint, women who require plus size clothes need to feel comfortable, stylish, beautiful and, most importantly, confident with their clothing. So, put a little effort into naming your brand something that resembles all these things and certainly grasps women’s attention.

Ready To Launch your Own Clothing line?

Investment Plan

Deciding how much you want to invest to start a plus size brand is extremely important. You must spend money on things you see interesting for your business. You need to decide what apparel fits your customers’ requirements and invest in those products.

Your rent, employee wages, utilities, and bills are also included in the investment plan until you reach the break-even point.

In short, take baby steps and figure out how much to spend and where to spend the money.

Define Your Preferred Market

One particular fact to acknowledge is that big or tall stores are different from plus size boutiques. The prior term is used for men with big body masses. If you are determined to start a plus size boutique, then women with bigger weights and sizes are your target market. Be specific to what they need and deal in exactly what they look for while shopping at a plus size store.

02. Plan for Revenue Generation and Management  

Once you have stepped into the apparel industry and started making money, you will have to have ideas regarding how to double your profit and manage the income you are getting. At times, business people stop investing and become satisfied with their minimum income. If you are not one of them, thinking outside the box is your path. Earning good is well admired, but utilizing that money in a positive way for the betterment of business is what you should do.

Once you start making money out of business, do some more research on current and upcoming fashion trends. Introduce new clothes that are unique and resonate with fashion statements.

03. Legalize Your Business

It would help if you did not take the risk of being held liable in case of getting sued. In order to prevent the risk, establishing a business such as a corporation or LLC would be the best thing to do. The best way to do that is through an agent or a professional who can guide you through the entire process.

04. Build a Website

Having a website is very important these days since people spend more time on their computers and cell phones than in the outside world. So, create a website and get it optimized. Reveal your products on the website.  

05. Brand Building and Marketing of Brand

Like all the other aspects, marketing is one crucial thing to enhance a clothing brand’s appearance in the apparel industry. Since you are taking a step to start a plus size clothing business, you need to consider a few options that can help you gain popularity.

Social Media Marketing  

Social media is one of the most influential ways to give a business identity in the online world. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and many other platforms have become business hubs that charge to give you viewers. Frankly, many teens, youngsters, and adults spend most of their day on social media to browse through online shopping stores. Your brand could be one of them. 

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is a major part for any website’s growth. It helps in generating revenue.  It includes digital marketing, social media marketing, but they are distinguishable on the basis of paid marketing. You can spend money on ads that let viewers know what your brand is all about. 

Influencers and Celebrity Assistance

Marketing also means hiring someone popular who can advertise your brand. Due to social media, celebrities are not only found in Hollywood. You can pay famous individuals to market your brand. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your website will require search engine optimization to stay on top of the internet so that more people can have access to your online plus size platform.  

06. Find The Right Manufacturer

Building a plus size clothing business can be an exciting event for you if you know how to get clothes ready for your customers. Obviously, you will have to look for the most skilled custom clothing manufacturers who can make the perfect outfits for your brand. It’s an easy process in which you can provide design ideas to your manufacturer, and they turn those vague concepts into beautiful apparel.

Having a renowned manufacturer by your side can be beneficial for your business. This way, you can have fully customized clothes as per the sizes of your customers. In other words, your brand can have more popularity when the customers get exactly what they want. I have shared some insights about finding the right clothing manufacturer for your apparel brands. It can help you gain an idea about what factors are important when looking for a producer.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Plus Size Clothing Store?

A brand needs to have an open mind regarding the investment in order to open a plus size clothing business; the space alone can cost you good money. Approximately you will have to spend money between $50,000 – $150,000. 

Online stores are not any different from physical ones. So you can expect similar capital investment in that area too. You can expect a few things that can reach down your pockets. I have mentioned those things in the investment business plan in the previous section of this blog. 

What is the Best Month to Open a Boutique?

The best months to launch a plus size fashion business are September and October before the holidays begin. In case you are dealing in winter clothes, then November till March are the fine months. Otherwise, winter is unsuitable for the startup because the public usually stays inside due to the cold. 

Where is the Best Place to Start a Boutique?

Choosing the right place for business matters a lot. The exact location cannot be identified, but if the right factors are considered while deciding the place, it can be very beneficial. 

A boutique must be located in the most reasonable and easy to approach region where customers are in need of plus size clothes. It should be located in a low-competitive zone where clients have access to only your business. 

Your manufacturer should be nearby to help you with your apparel needs. For instance, if you are starting a plus size sportswear store, you need to ensure the ease of your expert sportswear manufacturer so that you can get apparel ready within time. 

Some Tips & Few of the Plus Size Boutique Stores

A Clothing Brand of Plus Size

In order to start a plus size clothing brand, one must consider a few factors. 

  • Planning
  • Budget
  • Legal Authentication
  • Targeted Audience 
  • Research 
  • Partnering with Manufacturers
  • Organized Execution 

There are many plus size boutiques in the industry. Here are a few of the very good ones. 

  • ASOS
  • WRAY
  • AVA & VIV