In the fashion world, the streetwear industry has made its mark and continues to do so through the rapid increase in its numbers and demand. The global streetwear market was valued at over $300 billion in 2021 and still shows exponential growth. The streetwear industry has won over millennials and Gen Z. It has added a new perspective to the cultural fashion world by combining urban wear with a sense of style and comfort.

Now, for answering how to start a streetwear brand, the first question is, Who are the most common and popular streetwear consumers? The answer is quite simple: individuals are passionate about style, look to express themselves through what they wear, and prefer the combination of style and comfort.

14 Steps to Start Streetwear Clothing Line

Effective ways to start a streetwear brand require attention. You have reached the first milestone by deciding to initiate a clothing line. The next thing to do is look at the steps mentioned in this blog to begin your successful venture.

01. Define Your Vision and Target Market

The first step in starting your own streetwear brand involves identifying the vision for the brand and the market to target. Decide upon the brand’s theme and what ideology the brand will be expressing. You also need to understand the preferred styles and demands of the targeted audience to approach them in a better manner and build their popularity and trust as soon as possible. It is significant for a brand to know and highlight unique things that separate it from the competition and help it establish a unique identity.

02. Create a Brand Identity

Knowing what’s necessary while starting a clothing line, whether streetwear, formal, or any other category, requires the brand to have its unique identity. A unique identity helps the brand establish its customer presence and build relationships. Developing a brand identity involves designing a logo for the brand, a trademark, settling on a theme for the brand, and all such things whose essence aligns with the brand’s target audience.

The way the products are packaged and presented to the customer also plays an important part in building the brand’s identity in a customer’s mind; it surely leaves a pleasant mark on the brand.

03. Develop Your Designs

The streetwear brand’s designs are essential, as they are the first and main thing that will attract customers. You can try different designs for different types of consumers. The brand can have clothing pieces with graphic designs, floral imprints, text patterns, unique symbols, or anything the designers come up with to attract customers.

04. Sourcing and Manufacturing

An essential part of developing a streetwear brand is finding the right cut-and-sew manufacturer with quality supplies to add to the brand’s overall quality. For this purpose, a startup should look for different manufacturers and choose the one that resonates with the brand’s identity and expression. The right streetwear clothing manufacturer is essential for a brand to establish its presence in the market.

05. Plan Your Launch Strategy

Having an exotic launch strategy that will help build the brand’s image and popularity and get the target audience all excited about the brand is essential for a new streetwear brand. When you want to create a streetwear brand, it is important to show the market, competitors, and target audience that this brand has come to slay and stay.

The popularity of the brand can be built through many social media campaigns. Collaborations with influencers, Tik Tokers, and celebrities can increase people’s interest in the brand. Arranging launch events with different celeb guests can also increase the hype among the target audience.

06. Set Up an Online Store

This is the digital era. It is not just the marketing campaigns that have adopted the technical ways, but the industry itself is also evolving, which needs developing an E-commerce website for the brand. An online presence allows the brand to interact with customers globally and accept orders from around the world.

07. Handle Legalities and Business Setup

After the creative and design aspects of building a brand, some legal work must also be done. You must register their brand as soon as possible. You should patent the company, make sure that they have all the legal documents and permission from the respective government to start the clothing brand, and also define a clear company policy, whether it’s employee or customer policy, so that it doesn’t end up in any kind of hassle in the future.

Ready To Launch your Own Clothing line?

08. Fulfillment and Customer Service

A brand should never compromise on its customer service, which matters most in the long run. The orders, customer queries, any returns, and all deliveries should be handled exceptionally well by the brand so that it can create a trustworthy reputation among consumers.

09. Collaborate and Network

Networking is the key to increasing a brand’s visibility, especially if it’s a new one. Making good networks around the market and engaging in different collaborations helps increase the brand’s reach. A limited-edition cloth line in collaboration with a known celebrity or a joint venture with any other known brand is one way to increase the brand’s popularity.

10. Monitor Trends and Stay Relevant

The industry and streetwear market are rapidly changing and discovering new trends and styles. You should be aware of all the trends, which style to target for the current line, and what cultural aspect should be the focus of the next line. Being able to adapt quickly plays an important part in the brand’s success.

11. Engage with Your Community

Having a strong relationship with the customers helps a brand turn itself into a community, which in turn helps it earn everlasting loyalty from its customers. There are many ways for a brand to interact with its customers: through social media, its website, various launch events, and many more.

12. Expand Your Product Line

Once the brand has gained customer trust and sufficient popularity, the next step will be to launch a new product line that aligns with your streetwear design and theme. The product line can include backpacks, footwear, and other accessories.

13. Track and Analyze Data

Taking help from analytical tools to know the sales, web traffic, customer interaction, and all other things can help in knowing the brand’s lacking and the brand can improve the areas needed.

14. Engage in Sustainable Practices

Launching a streetwear brand won’t be enough; to gain the image of a true streetwear brand in the customers’ minds, You should also launch initiatives such as eco-friendly materials, a green environment, less pollution, and other environment-friendly trends.

Is a Streetwear Clothing Brand Profitable?

Streetwear clothing brand asking if it is profitable

According to statistics from Starter Story, building a streetwear clothing brand tends to be profitable most of the time. Its exponentially growing demand and popularity among the public serve as the main reasons behind the promising success of creating a streetwear brand. The analytics on streetwear revenue potential indicate revenue of $4.88 million annually, along with a gross margin of 43%. As per the reports, your brand will be able to get all the invested money back in 9 months. This leads to the monthly profit, which should be $175K per month on average.

Numerous other characteristics are involved in making a streetwear brand profitable, such as competitive marketing, quality clothes, design popularity, the right target audience, and making a unique identity, among others.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Streetwear Brand?

The initial cost required varies depending on different factors. The cost of supplies, designing, marketing, staff, buildings, risk coverage, machinery, and many other factors add to the total cost or investment required to start a streetwear clothing brand.

According to research, many streetwear businesses initially reserved about $5000 to $20000 for the initial investment. The start of the business can be made as budget-friendly as possible by using many cost-optimal things and thinking of cost-saving ideas.


Launching yourself through a streetwear brand in the market is a great way to start one’s entrepreneurial journey. For a successful streetwear brand, identifying the right target audience, creating a unique identity, choosing the right theme, and understanding the market correctly are the basic needs.

Mega Sports Apparel has set a great example by taking away the burdens of startups by fulfilling their basic necessities to become clothing brands. If you want to have your own streetwear brand, just consider the above-listed steps, fuel their creativity, be persistent and optimum in their struggle, and in due time they will bear the fruits of their effort.